Growth profiler specifications

Temperature range10°C below ambient - 50°C
Shaker amplitude50mm, orbital
RPM range0 - 250 rpm
Oxygen transfer rates achieved (normal rpm/culture volume)40 mmol O2 l-1 h-1 (corresponding to kLa values of 200 h-1)
Cell density measurement methodLight scattering
Colours detectableRed, green, blue
OD range0.05 - 200 OD600 equivalents
OD differences measurable (accuracy)0.05 OD600 equivalents
Capacity10 microtiter plates
Compatible microtiter plate formats6 well, 24 well & 96 well
Compatible culture typesBacteria, yeasts & cell cultures
Measurement intervals2 - 300 minutes
SoftwareControl software and Growthviewer included
Dimensions83cm x 46cm x 46cm
Power supply220V
PC Operating systemWindows 10
Robotic arm compatibleOptional



Below left:   
Example growth curves of a bacterial strain growing at a culture volume of 300 μl in a 96 half square deepwell plate CR1496dg, shaken at 50 mm/225 rpm

Below right:   
Enlargement of the growth curve on the left, in the first three hours of cultivation, showing that changes in OD600 values of 0.05 can be easily detected

For response curves for CR1496dg, CR1424f & CR1424dg, please reach out or check out the product pages of these microplates


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