Growth profiler - Robotic Handling

If the Growth profiler is equipped with a shaker platform with robot-friendly clamps as shown here and with a robotic arm, the MTPs + covers can be taken out of the Growth profiler at set times, e.g. for feeding experiments.

The MTP + covers can be "presented" on the side of the Growth profiler (see photo above), where it can be taken away - for example - by a SCARA robot on a linear rail, in order to be transported to a e.g. pipetting station.

A second possibility is that the MTP + cover is directly placed by the robot arm into a pipetting/robotic station placed directly adjacent to the Growth profiler.

The robotic arm (and the special shaker platform with robot-friendly clamps) will be commercially avaible in the fall of 2023, and can be retro-fitted to existing Growth profilers.

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