Growth Profiler

  • Generates growth curves of up to 960 microbial cultures (10 MTPs) in microtiter plates
  • Because oxygen-transfer rates of 40 mmol/L. h are readily reached (at 225 rpm/50mm), exponential growth (no O2-limitation) occurs up till OD600 values of 3 -10 (depending on the strain and its specific oxygen demand), which allows an accurate determination of maximal growth rates (see example curves at the bottom of this page)
  • Shaker unit can be set to slow down (e.g. every 30 minutes) to 30 rpm for a few seconds: in these few seconds the culture comes temporarily to a rest (surface becomes close to horizontal), and the 10 cameras make photos of the bottom of the (transparent) wells.
  • Image analysis software (included) quantifies the cell density, and produces growth curves for all 960 strains (see example growth curves at the bottom of this page; in this case, the biomass levels are expressed in OD600 equivalents)
  • Biomass concentrations can be quantified up to 20 g dry wt / L (corresponding to approx OD600 = 60) using a previously prepared calibration curve) when grey or black-walled MTPs are used
  • Biomass levels down to OD600 values of 0.05 or 0.1 (below 0.05 g dry wt/L) can be measured (see example growth curves at the bottom of this page) when white-walled MTPs are used.
  • Incubator with heater allows temperature control between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Suitable for bacterial and cell cultures


Below left:
Example growth curves of a bacterial strain growing at a culture volume of 300 ul in a 96 half square deepwell plate CR1496d, shaken at 50 mm/225 rpm

Below right:
Enlargement of the growth curve on the left, in the first three hours of cultivation, showing that changes in OD600 values of 0.05 can be easily detected


For further response curves for CR1496dg, CR1424f & CR1424dg, please reach out or check out the product pages of these microplates

For the automated quantification of growth rates, we recommend to use the “Growth rate 5.0” software from Bellingham Research: