Growth profiler

The Growth profiler is a patented shaker-incubator for 10 microplates, with fast global shutter cameras located underneath each microplate. With regular time intervals, the cameras make images of the bottom of the wells. Image analysis software quantifies the cell density, and  produces growth curves for up to 960 cultures. The Growth Profiler has been advancing high throughput screenings of many companies and academic institutions for the past 15 years.

High oxygen transfer rates & wide OD range

Oxygen transfer rates of 40 mmol/L. h are readily reached at 250 rpm/50mm, both in 96- and 24-square well MTPs (at culture volumes of 0.25 and 2.5 ml respectively), allowing exponential growth up till cell densities of 8 -10 OD600 values (3-4 g dry wt /l). This allows for a more accurate determination of maximal growth rates in comparison to e.g. microplate readers, where maximal growth already stops below OD 1 (due to low OTRs). The OD range that can be measured is 0.05 to 200. 

Extensive & frequently updated data analysis software

The Growth profiler comes with our software application 'Growthviewer' which generates graphs of the change of your cell density over time. The data points can be used for automatic maximum growth rate quantification, lag phase quantification & maximum OD end point measurements.


Robotic handling

The Growth profiler can be equipped with robot friendly clamping systems and a robotic arm to allow for a fully robotized workflow. For more information on combining robotics with the growth profiler refer to this page.



For more specifications of the Growth profiler refer to our technical specification page

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