Our goal: To assist you with selecting the optimal culture conditions for your screenings, and to supply you with the right equipment to perform your screenings in a high-quality way Our sandwich covers convert wells of microplates into high-quality mini-bioreactors with equal properties, and so put an end to well-to-well variations due to unequal (and too high) evaporation rates. Our clamp systems press the sandwich covers tightly upon the microplates, and so allow orbital shaking as vigorous as you wish. Our databases (videos of hydrodynamics, and tables of oxygen transfer rates) allow you to easily select the right shaking conditions for your project. Our 'how we work' section provides a step plan how we can assist you efficiently.
“System Duetz” A mature, easy-to-use, and cost-effective technology platform for the high-quality cultivation in microplates of large numbers of microbial strains, clonal libraries, mutant banks, CHO-cells, etc. In comparison to Erlenmeyer flasks, the same quality in terms of mixing, oxygen-transfer rates and reproducibility is readily achieved, provided the right orbital shaking conditions are applied (see our pages on the hydrodynamics inside the wells during orbital shaking). So-called “sandwich covers” and clamp systems are available for: 6-round and square well plates (3-35 ml cultures) 24-square deepwell and extra-high deepwell plates (2.5 - 8 ml cultures) 24-round lowwell plates (0.75 - 1 ml cultures) 96-square deepwell and half deepwell plates (0.3 - 0.75 ml cultures) 96-round lowwell plates (0.1 - 0.2 ml cultures) The system was originally developped and validated at the Institute of Biotechnology of the ETH Zurich: read the key publication from the year 2000 in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Duetz et al. 2000, pdf-file [146 kb]).
Application areas: - High-throughput screening for new enzyme activities or formation of secondary metabolites (heterogeneous culture collections) - Cultivation of CHO cells and other animal cell lines (see dedicated page on CHO-cells) - Screening and distribution of clone libraries in E. coli or yeasts (see page on bacteria) - High-throughput screening for high-activity or high-productivity mutants (see page on bacteria) - Comparative studies e.g. clinical isolates - Growth medium optimization studies
Main components: Sandwich covers convert all wells of microtiter plates into individual "mini-reactors" suitable for high- frequency orbital shaking, at high oxygen transfer rates, and without well-to-well variations. Cover clamps ensure that the deepwell plate and its sandwich cover are clamped together tightly, thereby preventing well-to-well contamination. The cryo-replicator: a precision spring-loaded device for the simultaneous and reproducible sampling of 96 frozen glycerol stocks. With the CRYO-REPLICATOR culture stocks remain viable for years because they can remain frozen. The cryo-replicator press is a guiding system ensuring accuracy during the replication of sets of strains
General procedure used to generate active suspended cultures, starting from a master-plate with 96 individual strains stored at - 80 ºC in the presence of 15% (v/v) glycerol
Our cryo-replicator CR1000
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